District heating in Hvidovre is consumer-driven. It follows that the consumers are the decision-makers. 

There is an interest for the consumer-driven model from abroad.  

Last week, 9 representatives from Belgium, UK and Holland visited EBO Consult to learn how to manage a consumer-driven district heating company. None of these countries have a know-how knowledge about district heating.

Because of an EU-project, called REScoop Plus (RES: Renewable Energy Cooperatives) that aims to widespread the work on energy saving activities throughout European cooperatives, the representatives from abroad wished to know more about the cooperative idea in district heating. Rie Krabsen from EBO Consult arranged an in-house training, where representatives were invited to participate. The invitation was sent in the beginning of the year, where EBO Consult made presentations about the cooperatives in Hvidovre at workshops and conferences in Holland and UK. 

Therefore, the 9 representatives visited EBO Consult that manages, operate and maintenance the district heating cooperatives in Hvidovre. During the in-house training the cooperatives in Hvidovre worked as an example of the Danish cooperative model in district heating, and they learned every aspect of establishing cooperative district heating, consumer ownership, administration, operation and maintenance as well as the expansion of district heating, including marketing and the package approach.  

The aim is to exchange ideas and experiences from the cooperative in Hvidovre, and the plan is to establish cooperative district heating in the three countries by using the Hvidovre-model.


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