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08/10/2018-09/10/2018     09:00-17:00     EBO Consult IHK Haus der Wirtschaft Lammstraße 13 - 17 76133  Karlsruhe Congress NahWärme Kompact 2018 - Danish and German knowledge exchange about district heating. EBO Consult will put a focus on the cooperative structure in the Danish district heating sector - how it has benefitted the Danish heat consumers, and what impact the structure has on local infrastructure and decisions-making.
19/10/2018 09:00-17:00 REScoop PLUS / EBO Consult  

At Forum Factory

Besselstr. 13-14, 10969 Berlin

Members are reducing their energy consumption upon joining a REScoop. This was conclusion was reached by several European REScoops (Renewable Energy Cooperatives), also known as ‘energy communities’. The REScoop PLUS Project verified this assumption, and aimed to better understand why participating in a REScoop fosters this behavioral change. The project identifies and measures best practices, improve activities to engage citizens in energy efficiency actions. We will present the scientific evidence to support the role of energy communities to encourage efficient behavior change. Finally, we will bring together energy efficiency experts from the REScoops to explain the tools they put in place.   To know more
30/10/2018  09:00-17:00 REScoop PLUS / EBO Consult   À C.E.D.I.A.S Musée Sociale
5, rue de Las Cases
75007 Paris
REScoop PLUS is looking to make REScoops in Europe go beyond their activities of producing and supplying energy and take up energy savings for their members as a new pillar in their organisation. The Energy Efficiency Toolkit brings together selected, tested and graded best practices to support Energy Efficiency in REScoops. The National Workshop Tour is bringing the Energy Efficiency Experts of REScoop PLUS in 6 European countries to present the Toolkit and help REScoops to deploy those best practices. The first part of the day will be spent with presentations of the tools of the REScoop PLUS toolkit. While during the second part of the day, you will get the opportunity to discuss personally your energy efficiency projects with our experts. The majority of the presentation will be performed in English.   To know more
06/11/2018   09:30-11:30 Visit from Korean Dobong District Council Arnold Nielsens Boulevard 60, 2650 Hvidovre History of EBO Consult - how the company is working with district heating cooperatives, while making district heating a competitive and secure heat source that can be expanded in a local area.   Closed meeting