In the energy sector we took part in the collaboration that received Solpris 2005 (Solar Award) for the establishment of Copenhagen's PV-Cooperative I/S, a solar cell cooperative with the goal of spreading knowledge of solar cell technology and establishing solar cell parks. This collaboration was also nominated for a special award in connection with EU's Sustainable Week 2007.

The company has also received awards for its environmental efforts, e.g. Denmark's largest environmental award established by the DADES fund, which supports innovative solutions for the community; as well the European ARCA award, for which we were chosen based on recommendations from technical research institutes in EU.

One of the solar energy projects that the company coordinated in 2009 was nominated as one of EU's 5 best demonstration projects in the energy field. In connection with this, the project was also nominated for Hvidovre municipality's environmental award in 2010.

In 2010 Hvidovre Offshore Wind Cooperative, based upon the network of EBO Consult Ltd., was awarded by EU for best local energy action in the technical field.

In 2011 the company received the ForskEL award 2011 along with Biosynergi Proces ApS for a biogasification project. See announcement here:

Award given to biogasification project

The 22nd June, 2011 has awarded the ForskEl award at the annual energy research program's meeting, EnergiForsk 2011 in Copenhagen.

The award was given to a biogasification project, Full Scale demonstration of step wise gasification system in Hillerød. This project was headed  by BioSynergi, that for several years has been developing and improving upon the biogasification technology based on biomass (wood chips); and  EBO Consult Ltd., who is responsible for the development of a funding model for new renewable technologies and the organisation of these types of projects.

"We know that the interaction between electrical and gas networks will be a deciding factor in the energy systems of the future. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to present this award to a project that works so ambitiously towards developing these technologies that we will need to arrive at an energy system that is not reliant on fossil fuels" said Kim Behnke, research manager at

The project secures a new funding model

A significant part of this project has been the work towards finding a funding model that enables utilising third party funding, along the lines of what is done with the funding of wind turbines, in order for the investors to make a profit.

"We know that there is great interest in investing in green technology but that this interest also becomes limited when the technology is unstable. Using this funding model reduces the financial risk, so that the road to even more demonstrations of renewable technologies can be paved" says Kim Behnke.

The ForskEL program is funded by, and it supports research and development in future energy technologies with 130 million DKK.

The ForskEl award 2011 was presented by's chairman of the Board Niels Fog.

In 2012 the Solar House project with the housing estate Big House and EBO Consult Ltd. as partners was nominated for the Hvidovre Municipality's Environmental Award 2012. The nomination was based on the project's awareness creation of environmental issues towards citizens.