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EBO Consult works for competitive and effective district heating. 

We can handle all administrative and operational tasks for district heating companies. 


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EBO Consult Ltd. was established in 1931. The company started as an engineering firm with consultants in the house building field with focus on building construction and heat installations.

In the 1990's the company changed its focus and began to target the energy sector.

Today we work with

  • District heating in all aspects (also based upon renewable energy such as solar energy and biogasification)
  • Energy savings and related consulting
  • Wind energy, such as the organisation of big wind energy projects e.g. Paludans Flak south of Samsø (10 offshore wind turbines) and Hvidovre Offshore Wind Cooperative I/S
  • Solar energy, such as the establishment and organisation of solar cell parks e.g. the parks of Copenhagen's PV-Cooperative I/S

The district heating area has our main focus and we perform varying levels of management for several companies, i.e. we manage all or part of their administrative and technical-administrative functions.

Due to the CEO's long-standing presidency of a European network – European Housing and Ecology Network - our company has good relations to EU, and the EU institutions.

We have references from all of our work areas.

We have liability insurance with Lloyd's of London and all of our fields of action are also insured.


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