Common Sense In District Heating

EBO Consult works for competitive and effective district heating. 

We can handle all administrative and operational tasks for district heating companies. 


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An administration company for district heating

EBO Consult is an independent administration company specified in managing district heating companies. Today, we have several district heating cooperatives in total- or partly administration. We take care of the economy, the operation and maintenance, customer service, energy savings, the expansion of district heating and we function as a secretariat for the district heating company.

  • Our focus is to secure cheap, sustainable and professional solutions in the management and operation of district heating, while achieving a high level of security of supply and customer satisfaction in favor of the district heating company.
  • Our key word is personal advice. It means that we want to collaborate closely with a positive and inspiring dialogue in the every-day, where EBO Consult act as an adviser and the district heating company act as the decision-maker.


Our values:

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